Scorpion Surprise

Belize Scorpion

Belize Scorpion

It was a pitch-black, hot, and humid night in the Cockscomb Basin of Belize, we had just finished dinner.  The lodge did not have lights outside the rooms for some reason.  Fortunately we used the Petzl headlamp to aid in inserting the key into the door lock.  Good thing, because this is what was ON THE DOORKNOB!  He reared up his tail in alarm, but we jumped back quickly and averted that disaster.  I love it when things go right.


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander


26 thoughts on “Scorpion Surprise

  1. Fortunately things went right ; the hot and humid night made the scorpion feel more energetic.
    Was the doornob wooden ? They love wood as well.Stay well dear Jet , Doda :-))) xxx

    • Your response made me LOL Nan. As I type this I am awaiting a sea plane flight, and am looking out over Lake Union in Seattle. Good memories, Many thanks for the laugh today!

  2. I frankly didn’t realize they crawled up on stuff like that…wow!! Saw your comment on sea plane flight from Lake Union….can’t wait to hear about that. Always wanted to do that!!

    • Belize has it’s share of scorpions, we only saw this one, fortunately. I smiled that you’re curious about the Seattle sea plane. I will definitely write a post about it, but as a preview, I’ll say it was a blast!! Thanks for stopping by, Kirt.

      • Our youngest daughter graduated from University of Washington…we spent a lot of time up there over the last 6 years…..very familiar with Seattle! Always wanted to do the sea planes… Never got around to it!!! Been boating on Lake Union!!! Thanks for the response!!!

  3. It was here I left my last comment ( have a look above to check it our ) before holidaying again dear Jet ! It seems I have missed many of your brilliant posts ! Al the best ,Doda 🙂 xxx

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