Remembering Pearl Harbor


Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii

Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii

Pearl Harbor is an unusual memorial site because it straddles the actual sunken ship that was destroyed off of Oahu.  On December 7, 1941 the USS Arizona succumbed to a surprise Japanese attack, killing over 1,110 marines and sailors, almost everyone on board.  For Memorial Day, I offer you these photos of the same harbor on a peaceful day in November.



Pearl-HarborWhen we visited this site a few years ago the sun was bright, and hot, the water was brilliant blue, and there was a strong breeze coming off the ocean.  It was lively with tourists, gulls, flapping flags, and running children.  I stood there at the water’s edge studying the map outlining the destruction and death of that devastating day.  This calm water had been screaming with dropping bombs and explosions, the air was black with clouds of smoke and burning life.  I was grateful it was the 21st century and Hawaii, for the moment, was tranquil and beautiful.


Here’s hoping your Memorial Day has peace, every day has peace.  How do we practice peace?  We smile a bit more to the passing stranger, pause a beat longer in a frustrating situation, and stretch our minds beyond our own lifestyle to give grace to the many different ways of being.


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander




10 thoughts on “Remembering Pearl Harbor

  1. Your great post,your great dedication to this dark page of history deeply touched me dear Jet.
    The poetic expression of your prose was a moving memorial to those who lost their lives so cruelly and unfairly.When sentiments speak their voice is strong and influential …
    Have a peaceful week my dear friend ! Lots of love , Doda 🙂 xxx

    • How very kind of you, Doda, thanks so much. It is a writer’s dream to touch their reader deeply, and what better topic than peace. Although I have only met you in the blogosphere, I am certain you have peace in your heart; many thanks for sharing it so generously. 😀

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