Mother Moose

Mother Moose and calf, Rocky Mtn. Nat'l. Park

Mother Moose and calf, Rocky Mtn. Nat’l. Park

We watched this moose cow and her calf from across a meadow.  She had twins!  The calves had to have been born within a day or two, because they were so weak on their spindly little legs that they couldn’t always remain upright.  She grazed, her 5+ foot body steady in the muck of the fast-moving stream, while her young ones nursed and tumbled in their first days of life.   There are about 300,000 moose in North America, most of them live in Alaska and Canada; so we felt lucky to have found this trio in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  Moose are the largest species in the deer family, but unlike deer, they prefer to stay solitary.  Alces shirasi, pictured here, is the smallest subspecies in North America.  Moose also live in parts of Europe and Asia, and are called Elk in Europe.

Moose cow with twins

Moose cow with twins

Although it was June, it was a brisk morning in a high altitude meadow.  We watched this brand new family in awe as the frigid, driving wind seemed to blow through us.  She scarcely knew we were there, and yet I will never forget this moose cow and her two calves.

Photo credit:  Athena Alexander




34 thoughts on “Mother Moose

  1. What an amazing experience to have seen these newborns and their mother. There is something really special about babies and it is rare that we have the good fortune to see them in the wild. Your wonderful photos help us to experience a small part of what you must have felt. Thanks.

  2. You were really lucky you caught sight of the moose family members ! The little ones are so adorable ! Both shots are wonderful,but the second one with the twins,is so moving and charming!
    Interesting post as always,dear Jet ! Love, Doda 🙂

    • It was fortunate we kept our distance and had a long lens, because the mother was not concerned about us despite having her little ones. Thanks so much, Doda, for your sweet comments.

      • Pleasure dear Jet ! Your posts are so neat and interesting that it gives me great pleasure to visit and comment.Each time I come by,I’ll learn something new for sure ! Take care, Doda 🙂 xxxxx

  3. We have moose too, and I saw a moose mother with one small calf like this. But I think they shot her. Believing they were too close to people. By the way we have moose everywere…

  4. We have a lot of deer walking through our yard, so I am used to seeing them. The moose in your photo is definitely a lot bigger than any deer I have ever seen! How would a moose react if you came to close?

    • Always a good thing to keep in mind! She would become protective, basically: fidgety at first, then if you were foolish enough to get between the mother and her baby, she would become violent. Wherever there’s a baby concerned, you should always know where the mother is and not get between them. Great question Mary, and thanks so much for your visit. 🙂

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