Rainbows and Blessings

Glacier Nat'l. Park, Montana

Glacier Nat’l. Park, Montana

I give you these rainbows for St. Patrick’s Day.  This first one is a double, and I know it radiates with good luck because an hour earlier I could have been dead.

We were driving on Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park, Montana.  It was a road that was clinging to the side of 8,000+ foot peaks on one side, and very steep dropoffs on the other.  Because these glacial mountains were so high and vast, there were hairpin turns and switchbacks in every mile.  It was breathtaking and we drove along in awe.  Then for some reason the car in front of us was stopped, so we stopped.  It wasn’t a good place to stop, so we craned our necks, annoyed, trying to see what the delay was.

Then we saw.  The car in front of us had come to a halt because minutes earlier there had just been a huge landslide that now blocked both lanes of the road.  The mountainside had loosened and tumbled across the road and down into the canyon.  The air was still a cloud of particles and debris, and small pebbles rained down.  While the red Toyota in front of us sat, the two people safe but in disbelief, we backed up, turned around, and high-tailed out of there.

It was a 50 mile road that we had almost reached the end of (it took two hours), and now we had no choice but to turn around and go all the way back.  It was nearly dark and this road wasn’t going to be cleared or opened for at least a day, if not more.  As we drove we counted our lucky stars that we hadn’t been driving in that spot five minutes earlier when the mountain gave way.

Then a huge storm blew through the canyon.  It was a spectacular show of lightning accompanied by trembling thunder and a deluge of rain.  The drive back was incredibly treacherous, but we had the marvel of these rainbows, and the lightning show was glorious.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii

After we were safely back to our lodge we could celebrate our fortune in making it back in one piece.

These other two rainbows are from Maui.  If you’ve ever been to any of the Hawaiian Islands, you know that it rains a lot, in short tropical bursts.  And rainbows pop up often.

I believe we have to all be our own leprechauns.  Sometimes luck is with us.  We didn’t get swept off the side of the road and swallowed up in the canyon.  But sometimes we have to conjure our luck by counting our blessings, moving on to the next thing, and celebrating all the adventures we encounter along our path.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii


22 thoughts on “Rainbows and Blessings

    • It felt like a movie! What started out to be a short, carefree drive turned into hours and hours of white-knuckle driving. But it all turned out okay and we could even laugh about it later….ah. Thank you Gill.

  1. Whe-ewww !!! It’s so terrifying, that. Stringer and I had it happen to us in the south-west of Italy, one dark and rainy afternoon; and it sent me into a cataclysmic state (whatever that is) for a loooong time. I like your positive take on it, Jet …

    • Yeah, I think San Diego has some of the most lovely weather on this earth, but I must say I’ve never seen a rainbow there (or rain). I remember an awesome full moon once though. Many thanks for your comment Russel.

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