Egyptian Cobra

Egyptian Cobra, Botswana, Africa

Egyptian Cobra, Botswana, Africa

We had the rare pleasure of seeing this Egyptian Cobra on a safari game drive in Botswana.  Our fearless guide whisked the cobra out from underneath a scrubby bush and gave us a natural history lesson.  I had never before seen a creature simultaneously hiss and shimmer (the snake, not the guide).

On that note:  have a wild and wonderful weekend!


14 thoughts on “Egyptian Cobra

    • Indeed he did. He does, however, have a chunk of his hand sewn up from a black mamba bite. Grant Reed from Letaka Safaris, he runs the safari company and has a thing for snakes. Thank you RMW!

  1. I’ve always pictures cobras as these dark snakes roaming around in the jungle, but this one–its skin shines in the light! I’d be afraid getting near one let alone photograph one! Great photo!

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