Boat-billed Heron Wishes


Boat-billed Heron, Belize

I’ve seen this comical face about a dozen times, but it’s always been so very difficult.  Each time has been from a small, quieted boat, and as soon as we drifted close enough, the heron retreated further back into the tangled mass of mangrove leaves.

There was an exception in Belize, this individual here.  He was in a dense riverside tree but the limb was over land and we could stealthily crouch beneath an adjacent tree to view and photograph it.  That day we caught a break.

Boat-billed Heron, Belize

Boat-billed Heron, Belize

I hope your weekend is full of great views and unusual exceptions….


17 thoughts on “Boat-billed Heron Wishes

  1. You have just widened my horizons, Jet! – I’ve NEVER seen or even heard of this bird before! That is the most extraordinary beak … for fossicking amongst the mangroves, presumable … Amazing. GOODONYER!

    • You made me think about that and I pondered that their behavior, too, is a bit like a cross of the two. The boat-billed heron predictably stays near the open, marshy areas, as herons will do; but the bird possesses a platypus-like elusive behavior. Fun to think about.

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