George Washington with a Phillies Cap?

Geo. Washington riding through Philadelphia

Geo. Washington riding through Philadelphia

One day while eating lunch in the Philadelphia DoubleTree Hotel on Broad Street, I noticed a historical mural on the restaurant ceiling.  I’m a slow eater.  So as I chewed, I studied the ceiling more.  This was Philadelphia, home of one of the original 13 American colonies.  Everything looked factual until my eyes rested on what you see in this photo:  George Washington with a Phillies baseball cap.  What?  


Here is the true spirit of Philadelphia:  the accurate history of George Washington, a celebrated horse rider, on his favorite horse Nelson; juxtaposed with the avid infectious fever of their present-day professional baseball team.   


Happy Presidents’ Day.  I hope you, too, can mix history and pop culture; after all, the present will soon be history. 



6 thoughts on “George Washington with a Phillies Cap?

  1. I must disagree with you on this one. Actually most people thought that George was a Senators fan but no– he was always a Cub fan! Go Cubs!!!!!

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