You never forget your first moose.

Moose, Chugach State Park, Alaska

My First Moose, Chugach State Park, Alaska

The first time I saw a moose I was a kid watching cartoons.  The first time I saw a real live moose was near Eagle River Nature Center in Chugach State Park, outside of Anchorage.  There were three of us hiking together and it was blissfully quiet there that day.  Our friend, an Anchorage resident, assured us we could expect to see moose here; moose were everywhere.  Sometimes they were a traffic problem on the roads.

When we came around the corner of the trail we were all equally startled–the moose and the humans.  She had her head down, grazing on the tall green grass; lifted it when we approached.  I was instantly awed by her enormous size, also intimidated.  Standing on all fours she was over six feet tall, solid and commandeering; easily weighed over a thousand pounds.  We backed up and stayed quiet, and she resumed grazing.  Keeping a respectable distance we watched her, took photos of her, and eventually she made her way into the aspen grove and disappeared.


16 thoughts on “You never forget your first moose.

  1. What a wonderful experience and photo! Thanks for sharing!

    It reminds me of the deer which often wander through my garden, only much bigger. The only moose I’ve ever seen was in a video game… and it was intimidating and not to be messed with 🙂

  2. Somehow I have never thought of meese as being huge, Jet! – I mean the females, of course: the males with their horns like kelp I readily ackbowledge as big … and even the photo doesn’t make her look big. I do think one of you could’ve rushed in (quietly, of course) with one of those measuring sticks and put it up against a tree …?

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