Chihuly Photos, Series 3 of 4

Chihuly Garden Entrance

Chihuly Garden Entrance

Earlier this week I gave an Overview of the Chihuly exhibit at the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum in Seattle.  The next day I gave you an inside look at a few of the sculptures in the Exhibition Hall; and today we will take a stroll outside into the Garden.

Years ago I founded, owned, and managed a landscaping company, so I spent all my waking hours studying garden design; and yet I have never seen a garden like this.  I find this Chihuly Garden intriguing because it borrows the light of the skies and reflects it in the glass sculptures.  Vibrant on a rainy Seattle day, the colors are striking and bold and the textures display a rare combination of real and surreal.

Chihuly Garden ferns

Chihuly Garden ferns

Since the Exhibition Hall is like a conservatory, when you’re inside it you can see out to some of the sculptures in the garden, always with the immensity of the very cool Space Needle right next door.  The ferns in this photo are glass sculptures!

Chihuly Garden and Glasshouse

Chihuly Garden and Glasshouse

Living in the Bay Area where earthquakes can rattle our bones, I found it incredulous that these magnificent glass sculptures were out in the rain, cold, and other unpredictable susceptibilities.  It must be stunning after a snowstorm, and night time, according to the photos, is brilliant.  In an outdoor airway (on left in final photo) there were massive chandeliers  hanging over the walkways.  In our last steps through the garden, I gazed up and admired each chandelier, hoping to return here sometime at night; but this earthquake-damaged person chose to stand off to the side rather than directly underneath, ha.

Tomorrow is the last of the series, we’ll check out the Collections Cafe.

18 thoughts on “Chihuly Photos, Series 3 of 4

    • Thanks so much Amy. It’s the first time I’ve done a series, seemed like a good way to capture something this large, and I’ve had favorable results. Glad you are enjoying it.

  1. LIKE buttons still aren’t working for me but I am able to comment once again.

    If I didn’t live in San Diego, I’m pretty sure I would live in Seattle. Olympic National Park is my #1 national park, just ahead of Yellowstone.

    • I have been to Olympic NP, too, and enjoyed it very much. Rainier is amazing too. I think weather-wise your current location is a bit nicer, but the NW is very fun. I had (argh) problems with my LIKE buttons a week or so ago. Thanks for your visit.

  2. OK, let’s try commenting again (this new WP upgrade is driving me crazy…) Love his work and these posts about it all! (I may have left a similar, yet garbled comment elsewhere – I’m blaming WP for my typing this morning!)

    • I am so deligh6ted to have shared Chihuly with you, pc; and so glad you took the time to look around at my series. I have been enamored of his art for years, and it only gets stronger. Thanks so much, my friend. 😀

  3. Brilliant pieces of artwork,elegantly standing and reflecting light dear Jet!The fabulous vibrant colours and their shapes make them truly unique!They are so harmoniously placed on the spacious outdoor garden!Athena’s photos are excellent,especially the huge red sculpture.I am going there now and stand underneath to marvel at its beauty 🙂

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