Chihuly Photos, Series 2 of 4

Chihuly Sealife Overview

Chihuly Sealife Sculpture

I’m sharing a look at some photos of my trip to the Chihuly Museum in Seattle.  Yesterday I gave an overview of the museum visit in Series 1 of 4, and today I present some photos from inside the Exhibition Hall.  The photo captions are the terms that Chihuly chose for his exhibit.

These four photos are in different rooms of the interior segment of the exhibit.  Every room in this segment was intricately lit to enhance the colors and features of each individual glass sculpture.  The lighting of this exhibit must have taken months to set up, it is impeccable.

Since this was all fragile glass and there were no ropes restricting people, the few children that were in here were noticeably quiet and well-behaved…I think because a parent would lose their house and everything in it if anything got broken…ha.

Chihuly Sealife Close-up

Chihuly Sealife Close-up

This sculpture in the Sealife Room was a colorful, winding mass of colored glass intended to look like underwater sea life.  I found kelp, anemones, sea stars and much more.  The room was very dark except for this glowing kelp forest that throbbed with life.

The Mille Fiori was on a reflective platform, also in a dark room.  All you could see, besides the other patrons, were these flowers of glass in varying sizes.  Mille Fiori is Italian for “a thousand flowers.”  You could walk around the entire display, and even though it was on a platform only about a foot off the ground, some of the glass pieces towered over my head.

There was a room with breathtaking chandeliers, one with textiles and glass sculptures that mimicked the textiles, copper-colored octopus and other glass sea creatures, and even a boat filled with round glass floats.

Chihuly Mille Fiori

Chihuly Mille Fiori

I leave my very favorite of the indoor exhibit for last, though I thoroughly enjoyed all the art.  This was called the Persian Ceiling.  It was glass pieces in an array of bright colors, all arranged in the ceiling of the room.  Spotlights from the rafters pierced through the glass and into the room where we all stood.  I liked this one best because the walls and floor were radiating with color from the objects in the ceiling.  It felt like we were standing inside a kaleidoscope.

Chihuly Persian Ceiling

Chihuly Persian Ceiling

I am a devoted scholar of light.  Being a novelist, I think my love of light comes from noticing so many details.  And in watching light wherever I go, no matter what time of day, I see so many beautiful scenes and shadows in this world.  Glass captures light, and colored glass brings light to life.

Tomorrow we’ll visit the Garden….


19 thoughts on “Chihuly Photos, Series 2 of 4

  1. Jet – The Milwaukee Art Museum had a Chihuly exhibit about 15 years ago. The board of the museum liked his work so much that they had a donor buy a large piece that is now on display in the Art Museum’s main hall. I saw the exhibit and it was wonderful.

  2. We have a Chihuly & Friends exhibit here in Peoria right now. The artist name is George R. Stroemple-Great works. Have not been there as of yet. Can’t wait to see it.

  3. We visited Seattle a couple years ago, but didn’t get to see the Museum. Thank you so much for taking us there, Jet. Love these shot! Magnificent glass art sculptures!

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