Chihuly Photos, Overview, Series 1 of 4

Chihuly Museum Glasshouse with Space Needle

Chihuly Museum Glasshouse with Space Needle

I mentioned in my previous post Sparkling Seattle how much I enjoyed the Chihuly Exhibit; this starts my 4 part series of photos from the exhibit.  I had seen the Chihuly Exhibit when it came to the deYoung Museum in San Francisco in 2008, and enjoyed it so very much.  To be honest, I don’t spend a lot of time in art museums because big cities are not my favorite thing to do.  I much prefer wildlife adventures.

But over the holidays I had the pleasure of spending Christmas week with friends in Seattle, and in between our marathon baking sessions, friends, and visiting, we chose one museum adventure.  I love colored glass, I love this man’s art, and our host had not yet been to the museum so we ventured to the Chihuly Museum.

Dale Chihuly’s glass sculptured art is featured in his own museum called Chihuly Garden and Glass.  It opened in 2012.  Born in Tacoma and partly schooled in Washington, this Museum is an enormous tribute to his fine glass work.  It is in the Seattle Center right next to the Space Needle.  Some of his indoor glass works I had seen at the rotating exhibit in San Francisco.  But a second part I had not seen, it was displayed in a newly built 40 foot tall glass and steel structure called The Glasshouse.  This photo was taken in there.

A third section of the exhibit is outside The Glasshouse in an exterior garden installation that is phenomenal.  It is glass sculptures integrated into a landscaped garden at the base of the Space Needle.

Last but not least, there is a Cafe in the museum that features his personal collections, this is really fun and creatively displayed.  The man has collected a variety of items over the years (an eccentric?) including bottle openers, transistor radios, and accordions.  The Cafe, which has really excellent food, is called Collections Cafe and is also featured in this series.  I will feature photos of the Exhibition Hall, The Glasshouse and Garden, and one of the Cafe too.

If you cannot get to a Chihuly exhibit, I hope these photos will grace you with some of the magic of his glass expression.


5 thoughts on “Chihuly Photos, Overview, Series 1 of 4

    • How wonderful for you to have known about him back then. It is indeed a great museum, and I hope you stay tuned for there will be more photos this week. Thanks so much for your contribution.

  1. Good morning Jet Dear ! A brilliant ” Star … ” guided me here,and I can’t believe my eyes,impossible to understand that it’s glasswork ! Most elaborate work!See you in a minute ” under the Star … ” 🙂 xxx

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