G’Day Australia

Today I am bidding adieu to my Australian blog posts, at least for a short time, simply because I don’t want to go schizoid. I suppose the experienced novelists can have their heads in all kinds of different countries or time periods simultaneously, especially when they have a staff to do their research, a separate marketing and advertising team, and an agent to guide them along the way. But I am solo here, and I find it a bit tricky to schlep groceries and take out the garbage in winter California, market a book set between the rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, research and write a tropical mystery safari in East Africa, and prepare for an upcoming birding trip to Central America.  Worldly head goes haywire.

My Australian mystery novel is over now and I am at my desk earnestly working on the next novel, based in East Africa. If I’m not careful I’ll start inter-mixing Australian remarks with Swahili.  It’s okay for me to wander around the neighborhood giving a Swahili hello to the animals (“Jambo!”) and “G’Day” to the neighbors and no one will be the wiser, but my readers are a LOT more sharp than the robins, and they will definitely notice.  ha.

So here is a salute to the AustAustraliaFlagralian flag and all my fictional and not-fictional friends from Down Under. All the adventures we had in the many different territories of that majestic continent will not be forgotten:  searching for the platypus, the cassowary, the forest birds, and numerous parrots; the majestic Opera House in Sydney and the Esplanade in Cairns, the black bogs and  swamps, berry-painted rock drawings, 110 degree days, clouds of mosquitoes, rowdy Aussies, and menacing crocs…what a wild and wonderful place.

As an independent publisher and an entrepreneur, marketing my first Anne Lamington novel will never stop.  My virtual “trips” to Australia will always be as vivid as the grazing kangaroos along the roadside, and there will no doubt be more posting about Australia too.  There may even be a day when I have a staff to help me out with everything, like the big-time authors.  But on this day in this new year of 2013, I am the leader AND the pack…and I have to keep my head on straight.

For now, it’s time to take the kangaroo hologram off the desk, put away the Opera House notepad, and make room for the Maasai warriors outside the tent, and the sleeping leopards in the overhanging acacia tree.  The wildebeest are on the move, charging across the Serengeti, there’s a serious murder to investigate, and a Serengeti police detective who hates Americans and lions too.  Time to instill some order on the Sinister Safari.

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